Tidal Spiral Implants

Dental Implant Systems

  1. The Implant must meet all present day Criteria:
    • Is made from Grade 5 Titanium (Ti 6 Al 4 V)
    • Have an internal hex "key connection"
    • The surface area is treated via S.L.A (Sandblasted, Large-grid, Acid-etched)
    • Preferably be of a conical and spiral shape and form.
  2. The manufacture of the implant must be effected under the highest possible technological and engineering standards, with a clean surface, showing an increase of rounded "soft" microscopic prominences and NO scratches, pok-marks or fragile sharp-edged prominences = TSI
  3. The core added to an implant must be designed in a manner where even if not screwed into the implant it will adapt to it as a perfect fit without any lateral movement and that its finish-line be equivalent to the striations found at the neck of the implant, to enhance adaptation and minimise plaque retention = TSI.

TSI meets all present day criteria.

Titanium Grade 5 has been found to be the best available alloy for the manufacture of Dental Implants it is an alloy of 1 part Titanium, 6 parts Aluminium and 4 parts Vanadium.

Aluminium Oxide is used on most modern-day Implants to increase surface area and leave a "roughened" surface on the Implant, for the benefit of increasing retention by virtue of Osseo-integration at the bone / implant interface.

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