About Tidal-Spiral

About Tidal-Spiral

Tidal-Spiral Implant Innovations established in 1992, as a unique, dynamic, rapidly expanding, high-tech research end Development Company. Its founders, a select group of leading Dental Professionals and Specialists with over 15 years of rich clinical experience in Oro- Facial and Dental Implantology.

Hence, our commitment to develop products that offer long term compatibility with implant dentistry. Our goal is to continue to provide the most technologically advanced products to help Dental Surgeons develop their practices in order to provide their patients with the most up-to-date treatment products.

TSI's outstanding international reputation has been developed steadily over the last 15 years as a result of planning a line of products for implant dentistry based on the latest clinical research. TSI is using the highest quality materials, manufactured to the most exacting engineering standards, and providing a service that is carefully attuned to the needs of its clientele and their patients.

Many of our innovative products were developed in order to fulfil our customers' requests, and according to their rich experience.

Since the mid 90's we have been focusing on two-piece implants with an internal hex both for one-stage and two-stage techniques. We have recently expanded our range to include one-piece implants as well.

15 years of research and rich clinical experience in many countries around the world enables TSI to develop products guaranteeing long term satisfaction. Moreover, due to the Company's deep understanding of implant dentistry, clinical studies of our products demonstrate an extremely increased rate of Osseo-integration and functional stability.

TSI designs, develops, manufactures, and markets an advanced comprehensive range of dental implants and superstructures, which undergo advanced processes using superior technology and very strict and exacting, engineering, inspection processes.

TSI's international researchers and engineers are committed to continuous research and development of new and progressive products and technologies for the "Global Dental Implantation Science" Laboratory and field studies in the areas of tissue culture and tissue engineering are conducted jointly with prestigious dental laboratories and university dental schools. The resultant innovations in the field of dental implants and superstructures are reported and subsequently passed on to our customers.

In order to provide the best customer service, and to ensure an immediate response to every customer demand, TSI warehouses retain considerable commercial stock at the company headquarters, as well as at the individual world wide distribution centers.

Oral health professionals choose TSI because they know that the quality and precision of our products allows them to perform procedures with the utmost of confidence, and because TSI's support doesn't end with delivery, but continues with updates on the latest news in oral rehabilitation techniques and products, as well as with training sessions and other follow-up activities.

Patients are satisfied when their dentists use TSI because the results meet their needs and expectations for years to come.