Tidal Spiral Implants

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TSI - Tidal Spiral Implant

Special tapered spiral design for:


  • High primary stability.
  • High secondary stability.
  • Self tapping and safe drilling and correct seating.
  • Minimum lateral stress.
  • Flat apex designed for sinus lift techniques.
  • Usable for immediate implant and immediate loading applications.



  • Internal hex connection

    Internal hex connection for superior aesthetics.

  • Machined Collar

    0.3mm machined collar to prevent gum retraction and for good maintenance

  • Parallel micro grooves

    Parallel micro grooves on the neck for bone interlock and prevent Resorption

  • Parallel micro-threads

    Parallel micro-threads on the neck to reduce stress in the crestal bone.

  • Special tapered spiral design

    Special tapered spiral design for:
    High primary stability High secondary stability Minimum lateral stress Self tapping and safe drilling

  • Asymmetric spiral grooves.

    Asymmetric spiral grooves for stress distribution and bone condensing.

  • Two vertical cutting slots design

    Two vertical cutting slots design for improve self tapping function

  • Straight design of apex


Diameter / Length

Diameter / Length L6 L8 L10 L11.5 L13 L16

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The manufacture of the implant must be effected under the highest possible technological and engineering standards, with a clean surface, showing an increase of rounded "soft" microscopic prominences and NO scratches, pok-marks or fragile sharp-edged prominences = TSI

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